A Berlin Designer That Takes An Avante-Garde And Non-Binary Approach To Fashion

As a Berlin designer, Esther takes pride in her motto “Black is Colorful”. As a (post) feminism designer, Esther chooses to not base her collections on gender, but on an avante-garde take to individuality and autonomy. Not only is she famed for her designs around the world, but she also shares a love for making music and performing.

In The Making

Esther was born and grew up in Berlin, took some time to expand in Moscow and then Paris. From an early age, Esther was surrounded, in part by her parents and in part by her environment, by feminist movements and demonstrations as well as the fight for inclusivity that helped shape her artistic take on her avante-garde and non-binary designs that bring individuality and autonomy to each piece.

Why Fashion From Germany

Establishment - We may all be aware of the major fashion capitals like New York, Milan, London and Paris. But, Berlin took on it’s own name in fashion especially rising to fame in 2000.

Fashion Week  - In 2007, Fashion Week came to Berlin for the very first time.

German Fashion Becomes Personal Fashion - German fashion is known for it’s elegant lines and unconventional designs. It’s ready-to-wear and individually made designs are what bring German fashion to this day and age.



Artisan - Esther Perbandt - Berlin, Germany

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