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We Are World Chic


Experience Our Country Collections:

Italy, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland and Germany

Co-Founders: Jessica Hanna & Andrew Marks

The creation of World Chic came from the love of travel, art, trends, fashion, and culture.

Jessica Hanna and Andrew Marks started World Chic with the intent to share what they have loved about their experiences while traveling.

We are from New York and while we take great pride in that, traveling to different countries has really widened our scope of understanding when it comes to the different dynamics of cultures around the world. Our goal is to keep expanding our travels and see and experience as many places as we can. It’s truly amazing when you go from something you are comfortable with and used to, to an entirely different set of cultural standards, expectations and experiences.”

Our collections are based on countries in which the products are discovered and sourced from. All products are verified based on their authenticity to its place of origin, production and source of materials. World Chic’s focus is to maintain it’s brand’s mission of bringing exclusive, trending and culturally-based products to it’s customers, especially for those who cannot travel.

We Travel. You Fashion.

Together, we do it all. From the actual traveling, the hunting and discovery, the collection selection, the international relations, photography, interviews, videos, content creations and so much more. We are so excited to take you on our journey with us.


If you want to learn more about the traveling side, check out our blog: World Travelers Society


2020 About Us

Get a behind the scenes look at our

journey and process of building our brand.