How To Care For Your New Cashmere

Details & Care

To truly understand the delicacy of your cashmere, here are some detailed facts:

  • There are about 30 different processes that go into transforming raw fibre into the finished product and about 33 people involved in the manufacturing of a single scarf.
  • The production process is cultivated from artisans that have worked to craft it for centuries of innovation.
  • Every step from dying, blending, carding, spinning, warping, weaving, knitting, teaseling, cutting and folding all happen in the Johnstons of Elgin mills in Scotland.
  • Natural Scottish water is incredibly soft and is used to scour the fabric ensuring that the cashmere is finished with its natural, super-soft state. 

How to care for woven cashmere:

  • Dry clean for best results.
  • Shake and hang cashmere scarves, stoles and throws to remove dust and particles.
  • Gently spot clean any marks or stains.
  • Air dry damp or spot cleaned woven cashmere products to maintain their shap.

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