How To Care For Your New Irish Sweater

Details & Care

To truly understand the delicacy of your sweater, here are some detailed facts:

  • A finished sweater contains approximately 100,000 carefully constructed stitches.
  • It can take a knitter up to 60 days to complete an Aran sweater.
  • Your sweater contains several combinations of stitches and each stitch carries it's own unique meaning, a historic legacy from the lives of the island community many years ago.

How to care for knitwear:

  • As the sweater is made of natural fibre, it is breathable and doesn't require to be washed as often as a cotton or polyester sweater would. Air your sweater frequently, and wash only when necessary. Ideally, it should be hand-washed in luke warm water while gently massaging with a wool detergent, and dried flat. 
  • Do not ring out the sweater.
  • It may be dry-cleaned, but make sure your cleaners check the care labels first. 
  • DO NOT machine wash your sweater unless it is clearly labeled to do so.
  • NEVER put it in the tumble dryer.

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