How To Care For Your Leather Bag

Your New Leather Bag Needs  Care Too

Details & Care

Imperfections of Leather

Imperfections of leather can also represent high-quality as it has not been altered and can be part of the outer-layer of a hide. The imperfections mean less artificial production as well as full grain type of leather. 

"Scratch Resistant & Waterproof"

Full grain with imperfections often can tell you that it is of the highest quality because of the coatings were not needed to keep the leathers intact, and it means it is the outer-most surface of the hide being used. Often, scratch-resistant & waterproof does not indicated high-quality, and many other leathers are not treated with chemicals with scratch resistance because they are full-grain. However, we do have exceptions for our outerwear lifestyle leathers that are treated for better protections.

How To Care For Your Leather:

  • Polish frequently with neutral polishing cream. If the product has been exposed to water for a long time, wipe the whole surface with a damp clean cloth, without rubbing. Keep away from heat sources, store your leather in our dust bag and polish with a neutral or a suitable colored polish.
  • It is suggested not to leave the leather near heat sources for a long period of time.
  • Water can damage the product as it is leather and can lose its color or can stain. 

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