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We’ve changed up how our customers shop! Instead of shopping first by product, with us, you shop first by country. We found an importance in being able to bring unique finds and what we like to call “treasure pieces” from around the world to as many people as possible. You see, when we (the founders) first started traveling for leisure we would always bring back suitcases full of fun gifts for our friends and family. Mostly because many of them didn’t have the time or money to go traveling themselves.
On top of that, we discovered how many of these products were made with such high quality with resources sourced right from the very same countries themselves. To top that all off – we learned that many of these artisans and manufacturers are the same producers of many of the same global designer brands so many of us know and love.
You get an experience unlike any other. Instead of having to pay for that expensive flight across the globe for that one-of-a-kind shopping experience that may not be practical right now, we’ve done the hunting for you. We’ve searched for those small boutiques in Italy with no online presence but a rich history full of craftsmanship and art all wrapped into the perfect Italian leather bag. We found that major and top of the line manufacturer in all things wool because, well, they are in Iceland and they have mastered warmth! We’ve brought those knitwear sweaters all the way from Ireland that you’re always searching for to get you through the long winter months but can never find the best quality of. That’s because they started in Ireland and remain on top there! With intricate knits of the finest wool making a sweater of both beauty and warmth. The list goes on and on.
So, what are you waiting for? Check out our Country Collections!

Iceland Collection

The Warmth of Iceland

Ireland Collection

Historically Stitched Aran-Knitwear

Italy Collection

Authentic Italian Craftsmanship

World Chic

Our Brand

Germany Collection

Berliner Style

Scotland Collection

Cashmere Luxuries