Why An Aran Irish Knitwear Sweater Is Better and Warmer Than Most Sweaters You'll Buy In the U.S.


In Western Ireland, right off the coast of Galway is a place where prehistoric Celtic remains lie. A place where antiques and beauty have come from a long line of ancient Irish folklore. This is the Aran Islands.

Here is where the Aran Sweater developed its historic symbol across hundreds of clans. Each pattern having a significant meaning and passed down through generations.

Inspiring Landscape

The Islands have long since been a source of creativity for all who encounter its rugged shoreline. It is also famed for its people of courageous heart and resourceful nature, who fought so hard to find life on land which was never supposed to be inhabited.

For centuries, the Islanders have lived by working the land, farming, fishing, harvesting and of course by knitting the famous Aran sweaters that have made them famous throughout the world today.


About The Aran Sweater

The Aran Sweater was originally made for farmers and fishermen working in harsh weather conditions in Ireland. Because of this, it was made to be water-repellent, breathable, and incredibly warm. Made of different wool fibers and knits, the Aran Sweater has developed into a timeless, durable and efficient piece of clothing.

How does it do all of this?

  • Water Repellent -The Aran Sweater is made to absorb about 30% it's weight in water before it will even feel wet. 
  • Breathable -Wool fibers allow the sweater to be breathable by drawing out the water vapors and releasing it into the air - keep your body temp. at an ideal place.
  • Warm -  Wool is incredibly insulating, and Aran Sweaters are made of 100% wool. There are different types of wool fibers, allowing some to be less "scratchy" and in fact more "luxurious" in feel. 

Intricate Designs

The intricate and unique designs of the Aran Sweater were inspired by the Celts, whose design influence and ancient relics are still very much a part of today’s Aran landscape.

Types of Stitches: 

Many stitches are inspired by life on the Islands of Western Ireland for the Irish. Each Clan or family, had their own combo of patterns and stitches which was passed down through many family generations. Among the many stitches, some of the most popular ones are:

Irish Moss Stitch - This stitch represents a type of Carragreen moss that Islanders of the cliffs would collect as a source of food.

Diamond Stitch - When different clans ruled on the Islands of Western Ireland, they would build stone walls to divide up the lands. The diamond stitch is made to represent those structures. Additionally, the diamond stitch can represent the farmers fields, with hope for a good harvest. With the ultimate meaning of success and luck. 

Cable and Trellis Stitches - These stitches represent a symbol of "ropes" which goes back to when the Fishermen worked across the Atlantic Seas of the Islands. 

Zig-Zag Stitch - A symbol of the "twisting cliff paths on the Islands".

The Tree of Life Stitch - Represents clan, or family unity and was one of the earliest stitches designed. 


Aran Irish Sweaters are often hand-knitted, made from wool fibers, thoughtfully crafted from years and years of historic knits and traditional value in mind. They are definitely our top pick for a durable, warm, and symbolic sweater over any other similarly made in the U.S.


Artisan: West End Knitwear - Monasterevin, Ireland

Stay stylishly warm while wearing a piece of history. Our Irish Knitwear is made and produced in its homeland, Ireland. These garments are stitched to perfection and made with everlasting luck.


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