Why Cashmere From Scotland Is Basically The Exact Same As Some Of The Cashmere Scarf Designers You Love - But For Half The Price!

Scottish Cashmere

Where history meets quality. A Scottish Textile Company established in 1797, known as the experts in cashmere and fine woolens.


In Scotland, much of it’s sustainable energy comes from windfarms and hydro-electric dams. In 2018, 74% of Scotland’s electricity came from sustainable resources. Starting in 2020, Johnstons of Elgin took the pledge to use 100% renewable sources for electricity. Currently, they are also working on “recapturing energy from hot water and to reduce the temperature of the water used in our processes.”

The Craftsmanship

“From fibre buying to dyeing and carding, through to weaving, finishing and packaging, around 33 people are involved in the manufacture of a single scarf.” – Johnstons of Elgin

Where Does It Come From

“Our Cashmere comes from China, Mongolia and Afghanistan.” – Johnstons of Elgin

Finishing Touch

“For woven items such as scarves, stoles and rugs, the following steps are warping, tying and drawing before a product is woven and inspected.” – Johnstons of Elgin


Artisan - Johnstons of Elgin - Elgin, Scotland

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