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The Germany Collection

world chic x scotland collection

Experience Berlin's Avant-Garde Elegance

The germany collection

Elevate Your Wardrobe with Berlin's Unique Flair

Welcome to the heart of Berlin's fashion innovation. Introducing the
Germany Collection by Esther Perbandt, a visionary Berlin designer known
for her avant-garde creations. Step into a world where individuality
reigns, and gender is transcended, through a carefully curated range of
outerwear jackets and luxury tees.

Where Black is Colorful and Avant-Garde Reigns

Esther Perbandt

Esther Perbandt is not just a designer; she's a movement. Her Berlin
roots are entwined with her motto, "Black is Colorful," reflecting her
belief in the power of self-expression. (Post)feminism is her
foundation, embracing individuality and autonomy above all. Esther's
designs resonate globally, a testament to her artistry that transcends

Born of Berlin, Shaped by the World

Esther's Journey

Born and raised in Berlin, Esther's creative spirit expanded across
Moscow and Paris. Immersed in feminist movements, she draws inspiration
from her environment. Each (post)gender collection is a statement of
inclusivity and avant-garde expression, weaving autonomy and
individuality into every piece.


Why Choose Fashion from Germany?


Beyond the famed fashion capitals, Berlin carved its name in fashion history, rising to prominence in 2000.

Fashion Week

In 2007, Berlin hosted its first Fashion Week, igniting the world's fascination with its unique style.

Personalized Elegance

German fashion stands apart with its elegant lines and unconventional
designs. From ready-to-wear to bespoke creations, German fashion
embodies a timeless allure.

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Explore the Germany Collection

Unveil Berlin's Avant-Garde

"Esther's designs are a manifesto of self-expression. Each piece feels like a work of art, a tribute to Berlin's creativity."

"Wearing her outerwear and tees feels like wearing Berlin's soul. Esther's designs are a celebration of individuality."

Own Berlin's Elegance

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