Leather Bags

World Chic has imported 100% Authentic Italian Leather Bags to the United States. These bags are trendy, exclusive, and culturally diverse. In addition, they are made from premium quality leather. As a result, these products are unique items that will accompany you for years as they increase in value and beauty.

We sell the following bag styles: Cross-Body, Medium, Totes, Backpacks, and Briefcases. Shop our collection for the perfect gift!

The bags were handpicked from Italy by the Co-Founders.

“We are Bringing The Top Trends From Around The World To Your Doorstep.”

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  • Firenze Stitch – I

  • Nero by Adriano

  • Compato Elegante

  • Classico Nero

  • Marrone by Adriano

  • Viaggio Boss

  • Forte Buffalo Secchio

  • PONTE This Way

  • Firenze Stitch – II